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Company BANNER®

Specialized manufacturing company - a traditional supplier of high quality clothes to nature - for hunters, fishermen, tourists, forestry workers, professional organizations etc.

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Company introduction

The company was established in 1992. The main business activities were launched in 1993 with the opening of the company’s own clothing production facility. The main subject of the company’s activities is the production of a very large assortment of clothing for hunters, forestry workers, hikers, and for leisure time. The company is currently the largest specialized manufacturer of this type of clothing in the Czech Republic. In addition to this range of products, the company also manufactures a wide range of uniforms for safety services.


The standard assortment is presented in the company's updated catalogue, many types of products in full size range (jackets, coats, vests, trousers, shirts, shirts, hats and many other items). These standard collections of products are stocked in our warehouse and are ready for shipment to customers. The warehouse is regularly replenished from production. Besides this standard assortment, we also offer many types of clothing from our seasonal and actual offerings. In addition to our standard assortment of goods stocked for customers in our warehouse the company also offers the realization of various orders for the production of clothing according to the specific requirements of the customer – on the basis of their specifications and also, most frequently, on the basis of our special clothing designs for these customers.

The range of the company’s production assortment creates the possibility of a comprehensive clothing and accessory offer for purchase. For this reason, the most significant customers of BANNER s.r.o. are large companies for which it is convenient to provide clothing for their employees from one major, reliable supplier. We are capable of supplying a complete assortment of clothing to all retail shops to enable them to offer all types of practical and dress clothes to customers for use in all situations.


An important part of the sale of our products is also export to customers abroad - sales to retail stores and sales to companies whose employees use BANNER clothing in their professional activities. Another important sales channel for our company is the network of our own full-range retail stores, which we are currently running 23 and are planning to build additional stores.

The main business purpose of the company is to create and maintain a full range of standard types of clothing, including a flexible response to customer trends and needs when replenishing this range. Every year, we include new types of clothing from modern materials and a modern and practical design. Wide assortment and standard high product quality is the main reason for the significant position of BANNER s.r.o. on the market.

Materials and technology used

For the production of our clothes we use only top quality materials which are proven to be resistant to mechanical stress, have guaranteed color fastness and always high water repellent treatment (for upper garment materials), which greatly increases the usefulness of the garments made of these materials. The materials we use are also tested by independent test centres and are subjected to demanding practical trials directly in the field. These material tests are performed even before a decision is made to include the material among those regularly used for the production of the standard assortment of products – outdoor apparel.


Of course, technology for fabrication of substances is rapidly improving, manufacturers are developing new, modern materials, and our company is searching for and testing these new materials. We do not want to offer garments made from fabrics that we are not sure about quality and rely only on the experience gained only mediated, that is why we attest quality by our own tests. All our garments are designed to meet the ultimate in comfort and practicality while wearing them, while being durable for use in demanding conditions. Our products are popular with customers due to their functionality, quality and elegance.

BANNER s.r.o. ensures the development and technical preparation of its own production programme. The strong technical background of the company enables the preparation and realization of the production of our own collection of products and special orders from customers. The Technical Department processes technical documentation and ensures the technological preparation of production, both on the basis of customer demand and our own designs. The sample work-room creates samples of new types of clothing and samples for customers. Our company has technical documentation for hundreds of types of clothing that were manufactured or which production has been already prepared. Thanks to our high-quality technical background and flexible production capacity the company can realize various orders on request, including larger volume orders in a short time. The use of our own production facility provides our company the possibility to react quickly to adapt production to the needs of customers.

We devote great attention to the quality of our products. Material is inspected before production begins and quality control commences during production in the form of inter-operation inspections; naturally all products are inspected before being accepted in the warehouse.

The company is located in the town Sezimovo Ústí and the company grounds at this site include warehouses, one of the company's production facilities, as well as all of the company's administrative, technical, and sales departments and executive offices. A showroom with the complete line of our company products is open to customers.