jacket FESTA-Exclusive

jacket FESTA-Exclusive

Jacket has a tightening rubber string in bottom lap of jacket (adjustment of waist) and reinforcement with a textile band of this bottom lap, inside part of the collar made from CHITEX fabric (Suede) and top margin of this collar is bordered also with CHITEX, laps of sleeves are bordered with a rubber band. This jacket is equipped with the waterproof climate-membrane and with a linning. Completion with ERTEX fabric – ERTEX parts are stitched, with decorative quilted, on CHITON-reinforcement of jacket - in the sides, on the shoulters and on top part of the sleeves

S klima membránou
Catalogue number: 6895
Materials: Chiton

strong, special thick fabric – strong outer layer with a heavily polished surface laminated with a smooth layer on the inner side, water-resistant treatment

Materials: KLIMARON (climate-membrane)

Special, very thin fabric ensures full waterproofness and windproofness of the clothes while it also keeps breathability for the pairs from the inside. Used for modern outdoor clothes for every weather.

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