jacket FOLON

jacket FOLON

Lightweight windproof softshell jacket suitable for active movement in terrain, work and leisure. The modern cut of the jacket with black accessories creates an interesting look. The slightly elastic fabric adapts to the movement of the body. Smooth surface on the inside, without lining. Climate membrane – rain resistance and widproof provides an optimal thermal condition in windy weather.

S klima membránou
Catalogue number: 6398
Materials: Eluton

Fabric identical to Eutex - Special flex, rigid, three-layer laminated fabric with climate-membrane (100% polyester), high-quality water-resistant


Materials: KLIMARON (climate-membrane)

Special, very thin fabric ensures full waterproofness and windproofness of the clothes while it also keeps breathability for the pairs from the inside. Used for modern outdoor clothes for every weather.

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