jacket COMFORT

jacket COMFORT

Elegant jacket with sewn climate-membrane, thermal insulation with a thin layer of PES fleece, bottom pockets with top and side grasp, sloping upper pockets, two inside pockets, stitched accessories made of dark green leather, drawstring at the waist and at the bottom,  sleeves end with elastic cuffs with switching buckles, detachable hood (also with climate-membrane)

S klima membránou
Catalogue number: 6977
Materials: Chiton

strong, special thick fabric – strong outer layer with a heavily polished surface laminated with a smooth layer on the inner side, water-resistant treatment

Materials: KLIMARON (climate-membrane)

Special, very thin fabric ensures full waterproofness and windproofness of the clothes while it also keeps breathability for the pairs from the inside. Used for modern outdoor clothes for every weather.

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